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:~: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 :~:

Lighter Side

I've been submerged in character development all morning and when I come up for air after that, my brain is always a little fuzzy. So, let's talk about something else...something fun.

Have you all seen the FlyPen? It's been out for a few years, but, as all technology, has advanced and morphed into a multi-element power tool.

I saw a commercial recently that caught my interest -- you can write with the FlyPen on the FlyPaper (in notebook form) and then upload that to your computer...digitize it. This includes graphics/images you draw.

How cool would it be not to tote a laptop around with you 24/7? To utilize a pen and paper and not have to retype your progress into the computer? To jot notes, develop theories, draw associations or a map or even a flow chart with plot points and upload them into your computer?

Do you know how many tablets and random pieces of paper I have floating around with nuggets of information on them--character traits, plot ideas, names, location information? Or how hard it is to keep them all together, find the time and organization to get all those elements into a binder for current or future use? Or how hard those notes are to read days, weeks, months later?

It sounds like the FlyPen might be a really fun and useful, even potentially sanity saving, little toy for a writer. Not to mention the fact that our kids can use it for homework and we can write it off on our taxes. :-)

Does anyone have one? Have you seen it? There may be (probably is) drawbacks I'm not aware of. I mean, you have to use their products -- their paper, their software, their ink...but none of it is outrageously expensive. Even the main Fly Fusion Pentop Computer is only $80 bucks, and comes with lots of software already loaded. And if I wanted to add French for my high school aged daughter, it's only $15.

Christmas is coming...might want to take a look at it for your kids, your writer friends or, of course, for yourself! I think it will be on my list.

What's on your Christmas list? What cool writer's toys have you found?



Blogger Elisabeth Naughton said...

Wow, that's a really cool idea. No, I hadn't seen it.

I don't do a ton of writing by hand, but I do sometimes when I'm watching my kids at swimming or something. However, I have found the times I go back to type those passages in, I end up expanding on the scenes, sometimes in ways I didn't expect. I think I would lose that if I used this pen.

5:08 PM  
Blogger Joan Swan said...

I do the same thing, expand as I rewrite, but I also do that after I reread a passage, which could work with this.

This would be especially useful for me in keeping track of my random thoughts on the book. I'm a very non-linear thinker and often lose ideas if I don't write them down.

If I get it, I'll give a critique. :-)

8:28 PM  

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