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:~: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 :~:

I Believe...

In ghosts and spirits and energy fields and karma. I believe in all those intangible paranormal elements you can’t see or qualify, but that have the ability to influence your psyche and your life.

I’ve never experienced anything paranormal first hand. In college I worked as a bookkeeper at a historic local restaurant that had been a rather large house way back in the day. Weekend mornings I’d go in early and tabulate the sales and tips from the night before. I always worked alone in a tiny office upstairs.

Sometimes I’d wander around the restaurant, sneak a piece of their famous mud pie from the huge stainless industrial refrigerators downstairs, draw myself a soda at the fountain. At about ten AM, the prep cook would come in and spend half an hour hitting on me before he got to work.

I found out after a year of working there it was reputed to be haunted. There had been numerous and consistent sightings of translucent figures—men and women—throughout the restaurant, but especially on the stairs and the second floor. After that, I was a little freaked out when I went into work, looking over my shoulder, peeking around corners before I went into the next room, jogging up and down the stairs instead of walking.

What reminded me of this was today’s local paper—again citing incidences at this location past and, evidently, continuing into the present.

I must have lacked some element ghosts look for to show themselves. And I’m not sure whether I’m grateful for that fact or offended.

In the last 5-7 years, I’ve noticed that I occasionally know what a person will say before they say it. Those moments are brief and scattered and wholly unexplainable. Never with someone I know well. Never what one would be expecting them to say. I don’t know it’s coming, the words simply fill my head a second or less before the other person speaks them. There’s no purpose, no hidden message, just the words, which mean nothing more than they were meant to. It happens maybe three times a year.

Okay, so I’m no psychic. But I definitely believe in psychics. I absolutely believe in the varied levels of consciousness (loved, loved, loved Dragonfly with Kevin Costner—if you haven’t seen it, rent it!), and the ability to see into the past and the future. I believe in angels—good and bad.

I draw the line when paranormal meets Sci-fi. I don’t believe in Vampires or Werewolves or demons.

Do you have any ghost stories? Any paranormal abilities? Know anyone with any?
What do you believe?


Blogger Elisabeth Naughton said...

No psychic abilities here, and I've never experienced anything paranormal-ish either. But I do believe in the unexplainable - people with pyschic abilities, angels and demons, spirits - good and bad. I also think if you open yourself up to the bad things (demons and bad spirits, etc.) they'll find you. I find it hard to believe that evil forces aren't at work in some of the horrible things (people) that happen in the world.

I loved Dragonfly, too, J. That was a fantastic movie. Another one that I really liked - and which scared me a bit - was the Mothman Prophecy with Richard Gere.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Joan Swan said...

Ooo, E, haven't heard of the Mothman Prophecy. I'll add it to my Q at Netflix. :-)

8:16 AM  

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