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:~: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 :~:

Speaker Roundup

I'd say these Wednesday's roll around fast, but I said that last week, so I doubt it will fly two weeks in a row.

I've been busily cultivating our RWA chapter here on the central coast of CA. We've got almost 30 gals interested, and a dozen attended the first meeting. Hopefully another handful will attend in August.

I put out a call to speakers, thinking I'd get a lot of no's. Instead I got a lot of "Sure, love to's". I'm still rather stunned at the calibur of speakers who have agreed to come. I'm booked every month from Sept to June with some awesome topics and presenters.

Sept: Vineyard tour showing the inner workings. We'll get to observe the actual harvest, too. And their falconer will be there to show us his birds and how they work.

Oct: Rae Monet and Cynthia Lea Clark on FBI heroines and the mind of a villain.

Nov: Charlotte Cook, president of Komenar Publishing will talk about the state of the industry and what every author should know.

Jan: Lisa Shield, life coach and relationship counselor, is working up a presentation-slash-workshop on love and romance and how to relate the real life romance cycle to your romantic characters.

Feb: Martha Engber presents an intensive 6 hr workshop on character building.

April: My DH is going to do the firehouse tour, let the gals put on turnouts, breath through the breathing apparatus, carry a firehose, and once they're good and tired and smelly, he and the guys will put on a show--use the jaws to pry off the top of a car and rescue some poor dummy (manaquin dummy, not a dummy, dummy), or observe the burn trailors where firefighters train for structure fires or some other such exciting visual.

May: Bonnie Hearn Hill, suspense author published with MIRA, will swing by and give and interactive talk about first chapters and critique members' work.

Phew...and I still have other fabulous authors and speakers checking schedules and getting back to me including Simon Wood, suspense author, Robin Burcell, mystery and romance author, Sandy Blair, highland historical paranormal author, Holly Payne, screenwriter and author...

I know I'm missing a few.

We are truly blessed to have such giving people in the writing community.

Who have you seen speak or taken a workshop from that was fabulous? Who would you like to see speak or give a workshop?



Blogger Paty Jager said...

Wow, Joan! You have some great workshops set up! My chapter keeps hashing over going places, but our meetings are on Tuesday evenings and it makes it tough to go to a vineyard or some place like that. We'd discussed doing a Saturday field trip but only a handful seemed interested.

I love the idea of going to a fire station and learning all that hot stuff! LOL Our fall one day conference will have a Serach and Rescue Captain, Nurse, Medical Examiner, State Trooper, and a prosecutor, so that will be kind of like going to a police station.

You are doing an awesome job of putting together a writing group!

3:09 PM  
Blogger Joan Swan said...

Thanks, Paty. I'd forgotten how hard it is to please the majority. And with people writing in so many different genres (not to mention different needs, wants and personalities) its tough to get enough support to even pay for the speaker's gas and honorarium.

The reason ours is on Sat is because most of our members drive 2hrs each way -- they don't have time any other day during the week. And I try to get good speakers and jam-pack the rest of the time because I want to give them something worth driving for.

It's tough.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

But you're doing such a good job. For the life of me I can't remember the day we are having it in August. Could you email me.

BTW: Like the blog

Melissa Whittle

4:33 PM  

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