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:~: Saturday, February 10, 2007 :~:

Where does our story take place?

Help us choose a setting--for at least part of our online roundrobin.

We've got a firefighter--arson investigator, Nathan. And we've got Eva (or Bella)--a therapist or doctor or ??

Where does their story take place? City, country, suburbia? Is the suspicious fire in a ghetto or an industrial building?

Give us some fodder!!!


Blogger Laurie said...

Hi ladies! I just love your blog and your personal takes on the same subject during the week. Anyway, re your story. I see it taking place in a big US city, but, you could make it a city not usually used on TV, eg. Denver, Oklahoma City, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Philadelphia (opps, that's Cold Case) etc. An arson investigator would be wasted in the country or suburbia, unless you put him into suburbia on the outskirts of one of these cities for an industrial fire. I still like the idea of a fire to cover up a murder, which kills innocent victims who weren't supposed to be there and the murderer was unaware were there. This could be in an industrial building, or a ghetto building if you're going for a gang - but then you've got to go to the LA type cities. The countryside - arson investigator doesn't fit here and I think Nathan deserves more depth than just being your run-o-the-mill fireman. EVA :), could be a therapist, but I think you can get more mileage out of her as a doctor. She could be the doc who deals with his buddy who gets badly burned in the fire/treats buddy for smoke inhalation and that's how they meet. Maybe she has a personality something like Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh on CROSSING JORDAN, and likes to stick her nose in where it doesn't belong, so she starts following Nathan around a bit on her off time. Maybe her dad was a firefighter and that's why she's a burn specialist, or maybe her dad died in a fire and wasn't rescued in time so she has a thing *against* firemen - could be part of your conflict between the characters at the beginning that needs to be overcome. ?? Somehow the murderer needs too get onto her so that Nathan can rescue her....hmmm...guess I'm going beyond the scope of where does the story take place, right? :) Okay, I say big city, but pick one that isn't LA, NY, or Miami as people will think about every cop show ever done. Pick it for it's unique attributes - for eg. Chicago has a history of Irishmen being firefighters from it's earliest days because it paid next to nothing when Chicago was just a town and the Irish were the only ones who'd take the job. Then it became a proud tradition to be a firefighter and a bastion of Irishmen. You could work that into the story. JMHsuggestion! :)

3:57 PM  
Blogger Theresa said...


Great ideas. I really like the idea of our heroine being a burn specialist. Maybe she can hear something in the hero's friend's unconscious ramblings, that makes her wonder if there wasn't more to this fire and his injuries? Maybe what ever she hears can leave her suspicious of the hero.

I'd agree on it being set in on the outskirts to a big city. Say Portland, or Seattle.

Heeheehee/ Right Eli? (grin) I think either city would work marvelously/

4:07 PM  
Blogger Joan Swan said...

Love those suggestions! All of them. :-) I'm easy, huh?

9:34 PM  
Blogger Carol B. said...

Big city.

9:11 PM  

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