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:~: Monday, November 06, 2006 :~:

Filling That Bucket

I'm having a particularly crappy non-writing day. It's windy and rainy here and we've already had two weather-related catastrophes so far at our house. As I was running around outside earlier, trying to prevent a third, I thought, "Man, what else could break today?" That concept of bad things happening in threes hit me smack in the forehead.

Then I came in, sat down, popped the top off a diet coke and breathed. And that's when I laughed. Yeah, the weather definitely sucks today, but I can't change it. Running around like a chicken with my head cutt off isn't doing anything but making me crazy. Sometimes, bad things just happen no matter what you do.

I love writing, hence, why I am a writer. I tend to be the optimistic one in a group when rejections and stresses over the business threaten. Yes, I've struggled. And yes, I've had heartache where writing is concerned. But for the most part, I can look at a situation - good or bad - and see the silver lining in the clouds. For myself sometimes that's harder to do than it is to see the good in others' situations, but give me a couple hours to stew on something and I'm usually fine. I believe that everything happens for a reason. What you do with your experiences shapes you into who you are today. If you aren't happy with where you're at right now, you only have yourself to blame.

Linda posted about filling your bucket last week. The Pollyanna in me often already has a half-filled bucket where writing is concerned. But today - because the writing always picks me up whenever I'm down - I'm adding to it.

Why I Love To Write (And why I'll probably never stop.)
1. It keeps me sane.
2. I can escape from the real world.
3. There's power in the written word.
4. I love to read.
5. Books last forever (or seem to).
6. It challenges my mind.
7. It's lead me to some of the strongest friendships I've ever had.
8. It's taught me about goals and follow through and not giving up.
9. I feel like I've finally found what I'm supposed to be doing.

Staying positive and motivated about writing is hard, especially with rejections and waiting and all the negative stuff that happens in this biz. Sometimes its good to just remember why we started in the first place. I didn't start writing because I thought I'd be the next Nora Roberts (that came later, LOL). I started writing because of all the reasons I listed above.

Add to the list. What do you love about writing? And why do you keep doing it day after day even when things are tough?


Blogger wavybrains said...

I hate the rain too. Remind me why we live in Oregon?

What do I love about writing?

FINISHING. I love having written.

1.) I love letting the stories in my head play out--It's like turning on a DVD in my brain.
2.) I love editing. I do not love drafting. I love having drafted. But, I love editing and I love editing my own work way more than other people's.
3.) I like making myself laugh. Making myself laugh out loud makes my day.
4.) The RWA.
5.) I like the connection it gives me with my mother.
6.) Research. I like collecting information and organizing it.
7.) Plotting. I love to plot. I love to outline.
8.) Every time I read a stellar book it makes me want to write that much more.
9.) I like the thrill of a byline. Yes, I admit to being a naracisstic wench.

Oh and you DID write today. Go with that prompt from the chapter blog some more. You were onto something there. Thanks for making me write that list. I'm going to tack it to my head later when I need it.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Elisabeth Naughton said...

LOL, Wavy. I don't mind the rain - after all, it keeps everything green and gorgeous - it's the wind I have issues with. Esp. when it breaks trees adn demolishes the patio furniture I didn't get around to putting away.

Love your list. #8 Resonated with me. I know a lot of writers who don't like to read because they feel intimidated and "less" when they read something great. For me (like you) it does the opposite. It motivates me to write, to put words on paper, to teach myself to be that good.

And thanks for the comment on the chapter blog. I had fun with it. Yours was great too - so funny! I loved reading all the different variations. (For those of you who are lost, I participate in an RWA chapter blog at www.midwillamettevalley.blogspot.com Today we had a writing prompt. Two lines and everyone wrote a paragraph. The goal was to see how everyone views things differently. Same set up, completely different stories. It was fun.)

3:10 PM  

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