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:~: Sunday, February 12, 2006 :~:

Just in time for Valentine's Day...


The title was a problem, as one of our members, Linda Winfree, is a high-school English teacher. And, well, everyone knows ending a sentence with a preposition is a big no-no. A real rule breaker.

Perfect! We'll keep it!

Together, the three of us have over 8 years of collective writing experience (seriously speaking) and make up a solid team. Combine all our strongest traits and you've got an obsessive-compulsive optimist. Linda is the obsessive one, Joan the compulsive one, and, of course, Elisabeth is our optimist.

We will be discussing any and all writing-related topics here on the bog, so we hope you'll join us for shoptalk at least three times a week. And if you have topics you'd like to discuss, let us know. One of us would probably enjoy picking up the subject for a round table.

Our tentative schedule puts Elisabeth up first (whoop-whoop-whoop, go E!), and she will post on Mondays. Joan's up next on Wednesdays, and Linda will round out our week on Fridays. But check back in between as one of us may post an important musing or revelation off-schedule...just to keep everyone on their toes. We may even entertain the idea of guest bloggers on those "off days". Who knows? We're wild and crazy around here and we'll do anything to create ROMANCE WORTH KILLING FOR!

Hasta manana chicas.


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